System Workbench for STM32

Trojan in SystemWorkbench for Windows?

Dear all.

I tried to download “install_sw4stm32_win_64bits-v2.7.exe” but my Browser hits me with the following error:



Gateway Anti-Virus Alert

This request is blocked by the Firewall Gateway Anti-Virus Service. Name: MalAgent.H_7475 (Trojan) blocked.


My browser is Firefox (latest) and I am using MS-Windows 10.


wanted to download the installer, but in light of the post I am reluctant to do so. Maybe I’ll stay with the excellent and fast embitz.org.
Can an admin confirm/deny the OP?

Quick update, since I’m the OP. I have asked my IT dept to double-check if our firewall could have flagged this unnecessarily (false alarm). I’ve also asked them to download the alternate ZIP file and scan the contained EXE locally. When I learn more I’ll endeavor to post here.


The original file posted on the web site was carefuly built on an isolated build system from a few well-known components (the Eclipse platform and Linaro toolchains) and our own source code.

They should not contain any virus, trojan or anything else. If the MD5 ans SHA256 match afetr you download these files, there should be no problem and this was most probably a false positive from the firewall virus/trojan checker.

I just checked this file using both AVG and Avast and they both say it is clean but, of course, you should check by yourself.

Bernard (Ac6)

(from OP)
Thanks Bernard for your contribution. I checked with my IT dept. We are satisfied that this was a false alarm with our firewall.