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Debug 2 devices on the same PC

Hi Riccardo,

You can debug several boards in parallel with the same SW4STM32 and so the same workspace.

To do that:
- two projects, one for each custom board (on the same workspace)
- two debug configuration (one for each project)

Now you need to precise for each debug configuration, what is the board concerned.
Two possibilities in the debugger tab:
- using the STLink Server if the tool is installed on your machine OR
- using the openocd option : “-c hla_serial XXXXXXX” (where XXXXX is the ST-Link SN number that you can get through ST-Link Utility or STM CubeProgrammer)

Furthermore, if you debug the two projects in parallel, you must to define a different port number in the debug configuration (debugger tab).
Example 3333 for one and 3334 for the other.


thank you so much. I follow your instructions and able to debug without problem.



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