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Green plastic floor advantages

Green plastic floor advantages
Environmentally friendly decorative materials are now more respected, and the use of environmentally friendly decorative materials may be harmful to people’s health. The reason why plastic flooring can be widely used is because of the environmental protection of this floor. PVC is an environmentally friendly,url=http://openplotsinvestor.in/composite-wood/10-best-pool-decking.htmlQuestionbest pool decking/url non-toxic renewable resource that can be used in large quantities. It is not based on the inspection of national authorities, does not contain any radioactive elements, and is an environmentally friendly decoration material.
1, wear-resistant
The surface of the plastic floor is a layer of special high-tech transparent wear-resistant layer, the wear resistance can reach 300,000 turns. In the traditional floor decoration materials,url=webage.in/floor/15815.htmlcomposite fencing system/urlwear-resistant wood flooring wear-resistant rotation only more than
10,000 turn, in contrast, or plastic floor wear resistance is better. Super wear-resistant, so do not worry about wear and tear in applications with high trafficGood elasticity
2,good elasticity
The elasticity of the plastic floor is very good, and it can be restored with good elasticity under the impact of heavy objects without damage. The choice of using plastic flooring is that this can greatly reduce the damage to the human body and spread the impact on the foot. Through research,url=http://openplotsinvestor.in/composite-wood/30-cheap-decking-wood-naturally-sheds.htmlQuestioncheap decking wood naturally sheds/url it
has been shown that when laying plastic floors on floors with high traffic flow, the number of people falling down is 70% lower than that on other floors.
3, high anti-skid performance
The wear-resistant layer sitting on the surface of the plastic floor has a special anti-slip property, and it is easier to prevent people from slipping than ordinary floor decoration materials. Selecting decorative materials in public places must take into account higher requirements, url=webage.in/floor/20518.htmlpvc plastic panels for greenhouse/url such as better anti-slip effect. Selecting other decorative materials and places with large crowds may cause most people to slip into due to crowding and cause harm to people.


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