System Workbench for STM32

P-NUCLERO-LORAWAN-1 import existing projects

Is there any way to import these projects? For example, I would like to import the END_NODE example, which contains a firmware for my board (P-NUCLEO-LORAWAN-1) and the code to connect to a LoraWAN gateway.

The ST board is an STM30L0, and the Lorawan by Semtech SX1272MB2xAS LoRa®extension board.

Sorry because I am starting with this development platform. I have done it ok in Windows with the Keli IDE, but I would like to use an open IDE and Linux.

Many thanks

The problem seems to be that examples came with no makefile, well.. most of them. For example, the example about ping pong demo came with a makefile and can be imported, build and burn into the board. But others, (actually the most important one), like the one for joining a lorawan gateway has no makefile and cannot be built.

any idea or suggestions?

more details, for the lorawan demo I have the option to choose between three boards:

sx1272mb2das (the one I own)

the last two can be imported and build correctly, but not the one I own!!! aghhh how bad luck!! Should I ask ST?

more details the one that does not works is the combination of

STM32L073RZ-Nucleo + sx1272mb2das (exactly my platform)

but this other which should be similar

STM32L053R8-Nucle + sx1272mb2das

builds perfectly

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