System Workbench for STM32

Strange include paths being added by IDE

I’m using the 64-bit System Workbench for Windows, updated to the latest as of today. OpenSTM32 IDE is version I used it to create a new C project for the F3Discovery board, and had it include the StdPeriph library.

When I built the project, it complete successfully but with 6 warnings, which looked like:

Invalid project path: Include path not found ({my project’s name}\#undef __ARM_FEATURE_CRYPTO).

These bad include paths are creeping under “Preprocessor Include Paths, Macros etc.”
entry for “Ac6 SW4 STM32 MCU Built-in Compiler Settings”.

While the build completes successfully, these warnings are irksome. Is there a fix for this?

Hello KerwoodDerby,

A fix for this behavior will be available for the next SW release, which will be published early next year.
This is not blocking for the build but, granted, looks a bit ugly...