System Workbench for STM32

SW Crashes after hitting Run or Debug

cylegis wrote:
I also remember getting an error during the installation process. The error said something like “Failed to install the bundled Java Runtime”. I chose to continue using a preinstalled Java version... Is it possible that I’m having a Java issue?

Ok, so it looks really similar than an issue in another topic, occurring also on High Sierra:

And indeed the JRE in use is not the bundled one, from your log it is:


Can I ask you to reinstall again SW in console mode (./install_sw4stm32_macos_64bits-v2.3.run -c) to see if any message helps us to locate the issue ?

Also the error message contains a code helping in that way:

Failed to install the bundled Java Runtime Environment into System Workbench for STM32 (error ERRORCODE)
Application runtime will attempt to refer any already installed JRE

What is the value of ERRORCODE in your message ?