System Workbench for STM32

Eclipse and anything based on it can burn in the depths of hell

Furthermore, it can burn from the inside out. I am sure ST has enough money to build their own IDE instead of this issue riddled garbage. I am done with it. All other IDEs just work, at least for me , even EmBitz is better than this.

Hey eddie,

I’m still looking for a good IDE which can be used on macOS... since you are an absolute expert I would like to hear some suggestions from you ;)

Cant get your point, eclipse works like a charm.
From my point of view its the absolutly right decision to use eclipse as the base of an IDE. Its an standard. Yes it is complex, you have to invest a lot of time to use all of its features and I understand the one or the other frustration. But, if you spend the time (and nerves :o) you have very very powerfull tool.

Eclipse is a tool for professionals and ambitious hobbyist and once you learned it, you are ready for all the other eclipse based projects c/c++/java/haskell/rust/ruby/python ...etc etc, with no need to learn IDE features again and again.

To develop an IDE again and again for each little discomfort one has is... sorry - stupid.

Maybe eclipse, for now, is to complex for you.
Try Arduino instead, they have a pretty good STM support and you can have
good results with just some clicks.


Arduino IDE for stm? That’s a joke, I hope you dont really think that is true.

Eclipse tries to be some sort of universally adaptable tool. Which will always underperform something made for a specific task.

I’ll think I’ll try Keil uVison or IAR

If you fail with SW4STM32, you’l probaly also fail with Keil or IAR.

Hope, you’l have fun!