System Workbench for STM32

USB driver problem

I have installed SW4STM32 V2.2 onto a Windows 10 64bit PC including the drivers required for the ST-LINK debugging and programming interface. I am intending to work with the NUCLEO-L476RG board which I will have shortly. In the meantime, to test the interface, I attached an ST-LINK/V2 device to a USB port and Windows displays the following message.

USB device not recognised
The last device you connected to this computer malfunctioned ...

In device manager, under Universal Serial Bus Controllers, I see a device that is marked as Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed). As far as I remember in the past this should show as an ST labelled device (cannot remember the exact naming).

Just wanted to verify that the ST-LINK/V2 will work with a USB3 port?

Also I have a Silicon Labs device driver installed for a USB connection that I make to a Digilent Zybo board using Vivado and wondered if this could be conflicting with the functionality of the ST device driver?

Have also installed the ST-LINK utility V4.1 in an attempt to connect to the ST-LINK/V2 device but it reports that it is unable to connect (as to be expected since the USB devcie driver is not working).

Does the ST-LINK/V2 need to be powered before it is recognised by Windows?

Any help would be appreciated.