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Increased RAM usage with OpenSTM32

Hello everyone

I am developing a commercial software with STM32L0. I have been using uVision5 since it has been offered free on the STM Cortex M0/M0+ processors.
Currently I have a working program but I am sure can do better, but I am limited by the RAM size and processing power.

I wish to upgrade to STM32L4 but then we have to pay for uVision5. I have therefore been looking for alternatives and found OpenSTM32. I have downloaded it. Generated a project. I used the HAL library setup, removed all HAL from the project (I am not using any HAL’s) and ported my program.

I am estimating I am only a few bytes from the RAM limit in uVision5, maybe around 10-20 bytes. The same code in OpenSTM32 gives error stating that the RAM limit is exceeded by 496 bytes. With exactly the same program.
Anyone knows why the same program gives such a different RAM usage? Is there any way to minimize the RAM usage/optimize the program?

Kind regards
Sebastian Aslund