System Workbench for STM32

stm32g0x.cfg line 45 fails

I recently received the stm32g071rb nucleo and thought I would try programming it with the standard ac6 methods that I used for the stm32f401re nucleo board. However, programming stops at this line:

/home/$user/$user_projects/11_eclipse/eclipse/cpp-oxygen/eclipse/../../../../../.p2/pool/plugins/fr.ac6.mcu.debug_2.3.1.201811131241/resources/openocd/st_scripts/target/stm32g0x.cfg:45: Error: invalid subcommand “erase_padded_zone 0 enable”
in procedure ‘script’
at file “embedded:startup.tcl”, line 60
at file “zznucleo_g071rb Debug.cfg”, line 29
in procedure ‘flash’ called at file “/home/$user/$user_projects/11_eclipse/eclipse/cpp-oxygen/eclipse/../../../../../.p2/pool/plugins/fr.ac6.mcu.debug_2.3.1.201811131241/resources/openocd/st_scripts/target/stm32g0x.cfg”, line 45

Here is what stm32g0x.cfg line 45 looks like:
“flash erase_padded_zone 0 enable”

I checked the stm32f4x.cfg file and it did not have this line. Indeed, of the 12 cfg files at this location, only those for stm32l4x.cfg, stm32l4plusx.cfg and stm32g0x.cfg.

This is the version of openocd that I am using:
$ openocd --version
Open On-Chip Debugger 0.10.0+dev-00143-gf6449a7 (2019-03-04-01:16)
Licensed under GNU GPL v2

I checked its manual and did not find anything about a “flash erase_padded_zone” command.

Perhaps someone can advise on where I’ve gone wrong or what I can do to fix this. Thanks.